Christian Community Development

Course Code
MASM 837
Credit Hours


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Course Description

Introduction to basic skills in the field of community development to enhance the capacity of the pastor/participant to effectively promote and participate in the holistic and sustainable development agenda of the communities of their congregants. This course outlines the role of the pastor/leader as a change agent. It introduces to dynamics of community development in general, and Christian community development in particular. Emphasis will be on CDM activities such as; poverty reduction, community engagement, Christian advocacy and policy making, social entrepreneurship and project management. The involvement of the Church and Christian NGOs in Community Development for Missions DM activities will be examined.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, the student will:

  1. Explain the biblical basis for community development with scriptural support
  2. Understand various intervention measures in building community capitals within a community.
  3. Outline the basic concepts and processes of Christian Community Development 
  4. Critically analyze the factors and causes of poverty
  5. Design development programmes for select communities and facilitate the implementation of such development pragrammes and activities

Course Content


  1. Pastor/leader as change agent
  2. Sustainable Community Development
  3. Community Engagement
  4. Dynamics of Poverty
  5. Church and Community Development
  6. Christian Community Development
  7. Fundamentals of Project Management
  8. Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship 
  9. Community Project Proposal Writing

Mode of Delivery

Through lectures, demonstrated examples, class interaction, group discussion, reading and assignments.

Reading Materials

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