Mission And Evangelism

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Rev. William Tsinigo
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Assignment 1


Carefully read one of the textbooks for this course approved by the instructor/lecturer, and then write a comparative review of about 1,500 words. You may want to think about questions like the following:


• What are the distinctive emphases of each book? How are they different?

• What is most helpful about each? What are their respective strengths?

• What weaknesses would you identify from each?

• Where did you find yourself agreeing or disagreeing with these authors on important points and why?

• In what ways do they complement each other?

• To what extent do they present similar or different visions of mission? 


Specialization Paper

This assignment is designed to help you work directly in one area of specialization. Write on the topic that is appropriate to the specialization that you have chosen.  1,500 words required.

Church in Culture

What are the major challenges to mission and evangelism in the African context today? What are the key cultural barriers to the church in sharing the gospel and what are the key inhibitors to people receiving the gospel today? This paper should explore at least four of the main cultural realities that the church faces in its mission and articulate the challenges they pose. The paper should conclude with some brief reflection on how the church must address these challenges in order to be effective in its witness.

Pastoral Studies

How can a church leader equip their church for mission and evangelism  today? What are some of the key ideas, perspectives and practices that pastors need to employ in order to equip their people to participate in God’s mission? Also, what are some of the challenges that must be overcome within a congregation in order to equip the church for mission? The paper should explore these questions with a view to offering some concrete practices for congregational leadership in mission.

Christian Worldview

What is the prevailing worldview in African culture today and how does it affect the religious perspectives of the majority of the population? How does the Christian gospel correlate with and also challenge the prevailing worldview and how can Christians effectively share the Christian worldview in dialogue with people who do not share it? In your paper identify the connecting points and places where the Christian gospel may offer helpful correctives to cultural ideals. Offer clear strategies for faithful missional engagement in light of these things.



Choose any one of the following areas. Keep a 30-day  journal/diary of events, experiences/challenges, solution, souls won and disciple etc. This should be present to your course instructor on a scheduled date.


(i)                 Visit a hospital, a prison, a school, an orphanage

(ii)               Do evangelism in buses, dawn broadcasting, radio/TV, social media

(iii)              Organize a crusade (Group).